CEO & Principal Engineer: Robert M. Lantis


BioElectrix Principal Engineer, Bob Lantis, has extensive and decades-long experience in science, engineering, and business.  Bob's background includes high-voltage pulsed power engineering, laser electro-optics R&D, engineering & management, products development, manufacturing management, technology management, inventor, patents and intellectual property management, published lecturer, entrepreneur and corporate founder (LightStream Technologies, AquaSolix, BioPhotix Corporation), executive management, and corporate director.


More recently, the need for professional expertise within the growing field of EMI pollution mitigation brought the opportunity to fulfil the needs of clients who seek a knowledgeable scientific resource with the experience, resources, and integrity with which to solve their typically complex set of problems. This is highly important work, albeit not in the minds of big corporations with a vested interest in down-playing the potentially detremental health effects of their products and services.


Bob is excited to be able to deliver effective solutions that improve the quality of life for his customers.  We realize that each customer is unique in their situation and needs, and so we work diligently to understand your scenario and your desired outcome.  We appreciate the importance of trust and clear communication as essential components of creating a good outcome, and appreciate your honoring us with your business.  Thank you! 



7 Eastway St
Asheville, North Carolina 28804

Phone: 828.484.1602


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