BioElectrix EMI Radiation Protection Services


  • Do you have or suspect the presence of harmful Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI) radiation?
        Electrical Smart Meters
        Electrical lines and boxes
        WiFi Networks
        Cell Towers
        Cell Phones
        Radio Transmitters

  • Do you want to reduce or eliminate your exposure to harmful EMI in your living and/or work environment?
  • Do you desire an EMI radiation analysis and report for your liability/risk mitigation plan? 


BioElectrix delivers technical excellence in the mitigation of harmful Electro Magnetic Frequency (EMF) Radiation:

  • Detection (Frequency, Intensity, Time, and Direction)
  • Mapping and Documenting
  • Analysis
  • Recommendations
  • Solutions
  • Expert Advice, Reports, and Testimony


Call us now for your free initial consultation.  828.484.1602

This way you can quickly determine if BioElectrix will detect and/or solve your problems. We serve individuals and companies, whether in or around your home, business, or potential building site.  Based in Asheville, NC, we serve the Southeastern USA region.


Our Electrical Pulsed Power Engineer utilizes only the very best scientific-grade EMF Spectrum Analysis equipment and data acquisition software.  
For less-demanding needs (such as for an initial yes/no "rough order of magnitude" detection), we also offer simpler and quicker equipment for rapid walk-through scans of your environment. 


Call BioElectrix now for your free initial consultation.  828.484.1602

   24-hour Spectral Analysis


BioElectix delivers high-integrity analysis data, according to your specific needs. Highly-detailed EMI spectral data acquisition (in this example, a 24-hour period), including pulsed EMF spikes over time, by frequency and intensity.




Any level of detail (frequency band, time-span, exact time, intensity, direction, and GPS) can be targeted, thereby providing exactly the data most relevant to your unique needs.


   Powerful Data Acquisition


Precisely tailored to your specific needs, BioElectrix delivers high-integrity data, analysis, recommendations, and solutions that will satisfy whatever level of investigation, documentation, and EMI mitigation that you desire..



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